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Some are ex-agency leaders and some have worked in the agency space for decades. Each month we'll add more experts as we build out the most comprehensive list of agency expertise to help your business thrive. 

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Mark Colgan

Mark is an expert on closing deals. He shares advice on deal closing and increasing revenue. Also, how to get more of your cold emails opened, and read.

More About Mark

Simon Collard

Simon has created a deep set of Masterclass videos to cover all things related to working with a budget. Key to running and operating a successful agency.

More About Simon

Zara Deegan

Zara's Masterclasses help take the pain and confusion out of marketing your own agency. From where to start, and how to plan for PR in your marketing, her expertise is here to help.

More About Zara

Oliver Duffy-Lee

Oliver is the founder of Authority Agency, which helps agencies attract and convert the high value clients that they deserve by building authority around their agency. 

More About Oliver

Nikki Gatenby

Nikki is an ex-agency leader, experienced NED, advisor and published author. Nikki now helps founders and leaders become unstoppable; making their agency a highly valuable asset, creating value to fuel their vision. 

More About Nikki

David Hart

David is a founder of an agency and several product companies. He grew a Saas business to over $20m a year. He shares insights into how to test product ideas, get funding & grow services.

More About David

Bella Hegarty

Bella, is a client experience and operations partner for agency founders. She shares practical advice on What agency founders need to prepare before smoothly stepping out of the day to day.

More About Bella

Claire Hutchings

Claire is the Founder of Chime Agency - a marketing agency for agencies. She is on a mission to help agencies become their own best case studies and up their marketing game.

More About Claire

John Lyons

John knows a thing of two about building new business pipelines. He's shared a 3-part Masterclass in exactly how to build a new business pipeline for your own agency. 

More About John

Seb MacKay

Seb is the co-founder and creative director of Soba: Private Label, the advertising agency for digital marketing agencies. Seb's masterclasses look at how agencies can differentiate, define and position themselves. 

More About Seb

Freia Muehlenbein

Freia helps agency owners identify blockers and move their business into the next phase of growth. Her Masterclasses cover a range of business blockers you'll face and how to move past them.

More About Freia

Dave Plunkett

Dave is an expert in partnerships and created Collaboration Junkie to help brands identify, nurture and scale referral & partnership opportunities.


More About Dave

Claire Quansah

A former agency operations director and head of business development, Claire works with growing agencies to ease the common growing pains that are slowing them down.

More About Claire

Simon Quarandon

Simon is more than a man with a plan. His Masterclasses cover how to build a business plan that's fit for purpose. As well and Management Dashboards and how to manage your Sales Pipelines.

More About Simon

Jo Rogers

With two decades of agency & client side experience, Jo provides invaluable insights and guidance into retaining and growing your clients.

More About Jo.

Nadine Schofield

Nadine is the founder of Project Management On Demand. She challenges the perception that agencies always need a full-time PM in the office, instead providing a solution to fit each client's individual needs.

More About Nadine

Simon Thurston

Knowing what pitfalls to avoid can save your agency's 'neck'. Simon covers four stages of Agency growth and likely pitfalls. Plus, how to get the attention of your ideal C-suite clients. 

More About Simon

Laura West

Laura is a seasoned agency advisor and ex-agency founder. With a passion for helping agency leaders to fid the answers they need, she set up Agencywise to do just that. 

More About Laura

Jamie Woodbridge

Jamie is one of the Co-Founders of The Inbox Club, an email marketing with one mission: get real results for brands with email marketing without all the boring bullsh*t.

More About Jamie

Jo White

Jo helps equip agency teams with the skills they need to be profitable, productive and engaged. Her Masterclasses are designed to help you make the most of your biggest agency asset - People!

More About Jo

Robin Williams

Robin enjoys breaking complicated processes down into easy to action steps. His Masterclasses cover a range of solutions to day-to-day agency challenges.

More About Robin

Jay Neale

Jay's business has helped over 500 agencies set up their systems, processes and reporting to make their lives easier and business better.

More About Jay

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