Seb MacKay

Meet Seb: 

Seb is the co-founder and creative director of Soba: Private Label, the advertising agency for digital marketing agencies. 

Prior to starting Soba, Seb was the founder and host of The Scottish Business Podcast (featuring guests from CodeClan, Arbikie Gin, HeySummit, ScotlandIS, and Float Cashflow and Forecasting), producer for AI podcast AI Right? and host of MBN Solutions’ leadership podcast. 

He founded Soba: Private Label, alongside Dan Campbell, in mid 2023 after spending his career being locked out of agency jobs due to his client-side background. 

After being made redundant from his last job, Seb knew that if he wanted to work in an agency, he would need to start his own - so he did. 

Passionate about the agency space, Soba was set up to help agencies diversify how they won new business - supporting them in moving away from relying solely on referrals and word of mouth, into building their own pipeline through advertising and positioning. 

There are between 20,000 and 30,000 digital marketing agencies in the UK, from micro firms to international giants, and the majority of them are all focused on working for brands.

As Soba’s Creative Director, Seb works with Soba’s clients to refine their positioning and create the copy and advertising they need to stand out and land more clients.

Product / Services 


The first step to getting you more of the clients you want.

Everything you need to know to sharpen your position and land those elusive new accounts.

New business is hard, and it’s even harder when your agency makes the same promises and claims as all the others.

Soba: Maki gives you what you need to sharpen your niche, positioning, differentiation, distinctiveness, and advertising so you can land those elusive big accounts - it's annoyingly useful and cheap to boot.

Soba: Maki is designed to be low touch. There’s no long conference calls, no endless meetings, no hours of work on your end.

All you need to do is provide the name of your agency, the names of three of your competitors, and a link to your most recent ads (this can be a WeTransfer, Google Drive link or anything else), and we’ll do the rest.

Your Soba: Maki will be ready within 10 working days from the day you order.

Find out if your…




Verbal and tonal distinctiveness

… are holding you back, and what you can do about it, for a very low, one-off price.

No obligations. No long-term commitments. Just the information you need and the answers to your problems delivered as a report.


Connect with me: 

Email: [email protected]




"Soba did an in-depth review of our agency's copy and positioning and made recommendations around how we can better stand out in the market and clarify our offering to our niche. Seb and the team's recommendations meant that we were able to better own our position in the market and they helped us clearly and effectively communicate what we can do for our prospects and how it helps them."

  • Rasheed Bryan, Business Development Manager, Patchbay Media

"I needed copy for my website design business that would make me stand out, align with my brand and help me articulate my niche. Working with Seb and Dan on the copy for my website has really helped elevate the redesign process and I'm definitely a lot more confident with my brand. Really enjoyable collaboration, thanks Guys :)"

  • Rory Buckly, Founder Smoogles Design 

"From the first informal call to the delivery of some very sharp, focussed (but also witty and enjoyable) copy for 3 product specific landing pages I rated the experience of working with Soba very highly indeed.

The team are personable, quick to take feedback and proactive in their understanding of the nuances of my industry (and I assume, all of their clients' industries too).

I loved how clean and unambiguous the process was, with calm touchpoints to discuss details & explain top-level thinking, and lots of energy throughout.

I would recommend Soba to any agency owners concerned about how their proposition is coming across. I actually have already recommended them to people, who loved them."

  • Shane o'Doherty, MD GRAFT

"We wanted to make our RevOps services more approachable and easy for prospects to see the value of and how it benefits their business.

Soba's input was invaluable to achieving this, working with Seb and the team with their no-BS approach was a breath of fresh air.

They rewrote our entire website to clarify our whole proposition, and helped us show why 21st century businesses need RevOps (and why they should use us to do it).”

  • Jamie Shuck, CEO Fluidity