Nikki Gatenby

Meet Nikki: 

I help founders and leaders become unstoppable; making their agency a highly valuable asset, creating value to fuel their vision.

Combining the energy, experience and sense of humour gained from years at the agency coalface, with the insight and empathy of a qualified cognitive behavioural coach, I've managed, owned, led and grown pioneering agencies in London, Paris and Brighton. I understand what it takes to create business success, whilst knowing many of the pitfalls to look out for too - combined with having a riot along the way (there needs to be much laughter)!

How We Create Value

As your non-exec, we will look at your business through the eyes of an investor, as they look to create future value. And we will create that value for you.

We’ll make your vision vivid and identify what drives value in your agency. With this, we’ll develop your strategy and coach your  leadership team to deliver on it - in a way that pays dividends for all.

Capturing Value Creation

My last agency went from Brighton to global, whilst being named one of the Best Places to Work in the UK for 8 years running. We quadrupled revenue, and trebled margin to achieve 10x more profit.  This enabled us to launch two successful SaaS businesses (answerthepublic and coveragebook), both now independently bigger than the agency and one of which has been acquired.

With a track record for supercharging culture and positive growth, I've been in your shoes and understand your challenges. Having captured the insights in two best sellers - 'Superenegaged' - focusing on high engagement at work and 'Better Business on Purpose' - centered around positive impact. 

This approach can change your day, your week, your business, for the better.

Looking forward to working with you.

Connect With Me: 

Email me: [email protected]






Vivid Vision & Value Creation Consultancy

Working with founders initially and bringing in their teams over time, with a Value Creation Health Check, Vivid Vision Formation and Value Driver Plan.

We will assess what’s working, what’s not, what’s missing and any significant gold right under your feet.

The framework provides structure to take out the chaos, releasing energy and creativity to create a bespoke, value driving plan, for you.

121 Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Programme

Working 121 in supporting ambitious leaders to explore the best way to drive value for themselves and their agency, sustaining their personal growth as they grow their business.

I will help you make brave decisions from a place of safety, to break through anxiety and indecision, and amplify the positive impact of your business.

Together we will go where others fear to tread. Qualified through the Association of Coaching and British Psychological Society, I will ask a lot of questions. And we will laugh, a lot.


Becky Simms - Founder, Reflect Digital & Human First Collective

Bringing Nikki on board as a non-exec director for our agency is one of the best decisions we have made to fuel our growth. Nikki brings so much to the table, all the relevant experience you'd expect from a non-exec and so much more. Her warmth, candour and ability to ask questions no one else is asking is second to none. Her values align so perfectly with ours, her human-first approach whilst balancing the need for a business to be profitable to ensure you can be human-first is just perfect.

Nikki brings an energy to every meeting that feeds everyone in the room, it is game-changing. If you are looking for someone to inject your business with a growth mindset and the strategy to achieve your vision, look no further than Nikki, she's one in a million.



Chris Hammond & James Gadsby Peet - Founder / Director, William Joseph

We were looking for a Non Exec Director that really understood what we were trying to achieve at William Joseph for ages. Nikki has transformed the way that we operate as a purpose driven organisation - that is trying to be economically sustainable whilst making a positive impact in the world and in the way we operate.

Her blend of people focussed strategy with a keen eye on the commercial reality needed to enable this is a rare gift. It has pushed us forward in ways we hadn't even imagined when we started working together. She brings new ideas to all of our sessions from her vast and diverse experience, whilst holding us all to account in a true collaboration.



Teresa Allan - Founder, Magnus Consulting

Having worked with several NED’s and leadership coaches in the past I can categorically say that Nikki is THE BEST!

As the Founder of a B2B marketing consultancy, I have worked with Nikki for 18 months. She has been instrumental in helping us accelerate our growth, helping us gain clarity and confidence as a team and individuals. Her combined experience as a marketing leader and expertise as coach is hugely valuable.

She has an innate ability to connect the dots, challenge respectfully and make change happen, all with a smile and infectious positive attitude. She makes you bring your A game and holds you to account to stick to it.