Freia Muehlenbein


Meet Freia:  

Through my agency growth advisory Be Reyt, I work with agency owners and senior leaders to identify current blockers and move their business into the next phase of growth.

I guide agencies on how to move their strategy out of the boardroom and into the agency, and see their plans through to the implementation of positive, embedded changes and ways of operating. 

I work with you to improve your ways of working across all areas of the agency:   

  • Sales Process and Pitch Close Rate Optimisation¬†
  • Operational Processes, Systems, Structures, and Efficiencies¬†
  • Client Service, Retention, and Growth
  • Teams, Structures, and Operational Models¬†
  • Leadership, Strategy Implementation, and Change Management¬†

Some of the outcomes my clients see as a result: 

  • Clearly defined agency growth plans¬†
  • A clear process for strategy delivery, with agreed routines and levels of accountability¬†
  • Efficient operations with healthy profit margins¬†
  • Clearly defined client processes, improved client retention and growth¬†
  • Strong leadership and teams, with the right people in the right roles¬†
  • Solid plans to deliver strategic changes with buy-in from teams¬†
  • Improved pitch close rates

Previous to running my own consultancy, I worked agency-side for 12 years and was responsible for delivering the strategy and change programs for one of the most successful 150-strong digital marketing agencies in the UK.

I worked with the Board and senior leadership team to translate the agency vision and targets into workable initiatives and implement changes across sales, marketing, people, operations, and client services.

My work directly impacted EBITDA, client growth, pitch close rates, revenue, and staff satisfaction. Earlier in my career, I scaled a digital content and online PR department from 0-100 people.

Over seven years, I diversified the offering various times, restructured teams, won pitches with some of the most recognisable brands, and shaped all operations to maintain healthy margins and happy teams.

I'm a qualified Agile Change Manager with APMG International, a Mental Health First Aider, and experienced manager, and understand how to deliver change with a human-centric approach.


Contact details: 


Example packages: 


Agency Growth Audit: 

Your financial performance isn't where it needs to be, but you're unsure how to get back on track? Are there processes and services that aren't working well, but you don’t know how to fix them? Something needs to change, but you don't know where to start?

We will work together over several months to help you move from ‚Äėstuck‚Äô back to growth. My process is:¬†

  1. Goals and Vision: We will review your performance numbers and define your current blockers and future ambitions. 
  2. Audit: I will work closely with the leadership team and wider team to fully understand your current ways of working across sales, operations, client delivery, teams, and leadership. 
  3. Solutions: I will present proposed changes and ways to optimise your current ways of working. Together, we will define priorities, ownership, timelines, and set an implementation plan. 
  4. Implementation: I will help you keep momentum through regular accountability check-ins, and I will provide continuous guidance and support throughout the early stages of the implementation process. 

To talk more about this package email me here

New Business Optimiser: 

Do you feel the pressure to win more new business, but you’re not generating the right types of leads? Is your pitch win rate low but you don’t know why? Do you get pushback from your teams on the way to scope and price new work? We will do a full review of your new business process and optimise it for increased revenue. We will map out: 

  1. Goals: What are your revenue and pitch close rate targets, and what does your new business performance look like currently?
  2. Audit: We will review how you approach your end-to-end new business process from lead generation and marketing, to qualification, scoping, pricing, proposal and pitch deck creation, and closing the deal, as well as how you growth existing client revenue. 
  3. Solutions: We will map out the ideal process that will lead to optimised scopes, accurate and profitable budgets and quotes, strong win themes to get buy-in, carefully crafted pitch decks that tell a compelling story, and increased client growth. I will use my knowledge of conducting dozens of pitch feedback calls to help you understand what brands want from agencies, and how to communicate this throughout the sales process. 
  4. Implementation: I will ensure you keep momentum and continue to support you through regular check-ins, pitch-doctoring, and collecting pitch feedback. 

To talk more about this package email me here


Katy Bloomfield, MD at PR Definition 

"I would highly recommend Freia to any agency looking to enhance their performance, streamline processes, and cultivate a culture that thrives on delivering top-notch work. Freia has a huge amount of insight and knowledge on what makes an agency successful, as well as ideas that can make a difference to the people working in them quickly. With plenty of fun along the way."


Jayne Moore, CEO at Moore Media 

"We worked with Freia as part of FORM's high growth agency programme. Working with someone who has such relevant agency experience of growing an agency department at scale has proven really valuable. Helping my team to commercialise their time and understand how to build campaign scope has been especially helpful. Freia is a delight to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her, thank you for everything Freia!"


John Barton, CEO at Thumbstoppers

"Freia is incredible at what she does. She has the ability to explore core issues at the heart of an agency in order to identify and maximise growth potential. Her incredibly vast experience agency-side gives her unique perspective on operational areas that other growth consultants may struggle to appreciate. I value the project she delivered for us and hope to work together again on the next stage of our growth in the near future. Highly recommended."


Joanne Davies, MD at Edge45

"I would highly recommend Freia to anyone on their Agency Growth Journey. Freia really does have a lot of experience working with many Agency owners and has substantial in-house experience. I was sceptical speaking to an external consultant, but Freia quickly assured me she can adapt to support my individual needs and actually it’s quite fun and therapeutic having an outside ear to vet you. More importantly, she follows up and adds much more additional value. That’s how I know we made the right decision bringing her in, she cares and will be an integral long-term partner."


Ian Harris, Founder, Search Laboratory 

"I can't recommend Freia highly enough. We frequently change and evolve to stay ahead of the market and she has been instrumental in some of the biggest changes we have gone through. Always organised, calm and efficient. She keeps everyone on track and thinks of everything."



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