Claire Quansah


Meet Claire:  


A former agency operations director and head of business development, Claire works with growing agencies to ease the common growing pains that are slowing them down.   

Whether it’s a lack of clear processes, inconsistency in client services, or the other ‘stuff’ that leaders never get around to, she helps them to improve quality, consistency and efficiency in their ops. 

Whether its training and workshops, or going consultancy, Claire works closely with agencies to make sure they have the right skills and systems in place for their teams to focus on their core work. 

During her 18-year career in PR and communications agencies, including Havas and Social, she has extensive experience in client relations and campaign management, as well as what makes a smooth operating agency.

As well as being an avid supporter of nurturing talent, Claire is passionate about improving diversity in the PR industry, playing an active role in a number of initiatives and programmes which support comms professionals with their career development. 


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