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Meet Jamie:  

Jamie Woodbridge is one of the Co-Founders of The Inbox Club, an email marketing with one mission: get real results for brands with email marketing without all the boring bullsh*t.

Jamie has over 13 years of sales and marketing experience, and in his series of short videos he’s going to cover everything from “Why bother sending a newsletter?” to “A step-by-step guide to getting started”.

Running a newsletter should be a vital part of your marketing mix and, if it is done right, could even be your flagship piece of content.

And no one does it better for agencies than The Inbox Club.

Our services

The main service The Inbox Club offers is a fully managed newsletter service: ‘Newsletter Plus’. For £450(+VAT) per month, these guys will craft exceptional an exceptional monthly newsletter for your agency.

Turn your newsletter from a “box-ticking exercise” into a truly engaging piece of content that nurtures and converts your contacts.


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The Agency Collective  - Jeni Ashdown

"Jamie has changed my life. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? Let me explain...

After realising that the reason I was getting zero engagement on our marketing emails was because, quite frankly, they were not great - I approached Jamie to chat about our options.

He was honest, transparent and didn't make any wild promises. But he was able to demonstrate exactly what would help and gave realistic expectations of what to expect from working with him.

Well, it turns out he was actually incredibly modest with these ''realistic expectations'' - because almost immediately on starting our project, engagement and inbound leads have shot through the roof! I'm even receiving compliments from our marketing list on how much they enjoy reading them!"

Quickfire Digital - Nathan and Katie

Nathan: "Really pleased with these gents - these get better and better! Really like the style tone of voice and feels very on brand! Thank you and grand job as always."

Katie: "From the initial call and discovery I had very high hopes and the guys didn't fail to live up to them. James and Jamie are creating something truly awesome, and though their enthusiasm is contagious, we're not just having great fun.

We've also started seeing some great results that previously seemed a little too ambitious to achieve."