Nadine Schofield

Meet Nadine:

Nadine has been championing digital Project Management for 25 years, working with large agencies such as DDB, DLKW, and and today more closely with clients like PwC, Saatchi, and Virgin Media, as well as agencies like Else London, Leo Learning, MBA London, and Kineo.
With Prince 2 and Agile methodologies under her belt, she is a goal-focused pro-active leader with effective business planning skills. She is open, honest and transparent and she gets the job done.
Nadine challenges the perception that companies always need a full-time PM in the office, instead providing a solution to fit each client's individual needs.


Our Services

We believe it's crucial to understand and manage your costs and risks effectively in order to maximise your profit; entrusting this to great Project Managers frees you up to focus on growing your business.

But at Project Management On Demand, we’re not just great Project Managers. Sometimes businesses need a little extra help - it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why we offer four key support services to help you make the most out of what we have to offer your business or project.

On Demand Project Managers

We provide talented Project Managers to agencies and client side alike, who need help, but don’t necessarily have the book of work or budget for a full-time PM. Call us in when projects begin, stall, or just need a little more direction.

We can work on-site or remotely, to agreed hours, whilst available every day to take a call, answer emails, be in office, or meet the client, managing through projects through to delivery. Our secret is simply our flexibility.

·    You only pay for your budgeted hours, we bill in 15-minute increments

·    ​If the hours aren’t used the hours aren’t billed, if you stop we stop

·    We white label ourselves, becoming part of your team.

Process and Change Consultancy and PM coaching services

Call on our Consultants to learn best practice in how to run a project. From beginning to end, our aim is to equip companies with the process that suits them, so efficiency becomes natural, not onerous.


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