Zara Deegan

Meet Zara: 

Hi, I’m Zara, I am the Founder and Director of EXT MKTG, we are a plug-in marketing agency that supercharges creative agencies.

We do marketing for those who cannot or will not do marketing for themselves. 

Our core focus is Brand, Strategy, Communication and Content. 

We onboard our clients with an Audit and Workshops, then move onto Writing; from Brand and Marketing Strategies to Content Plans, Content, Media Releases and everything else.

I’ve been working from inside creative agencies for well over a decade, I started within PR agencies, then moved onto brand and interior design studios across London and in Toronto too.

After working in-house since 2008 and then became a mum in 2019 and took the plunge and set up my business in 2020 to help as many creative agency owners get their marketing to where it needs to be.

I’m driven to build business brands and hire mums myself. 

Most of my clients are on retainer but I do ad hoc writing, PR and positioning projects too. 


How to contact Zara:



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